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Hi! I'm Bahar.

I have been a software developer for many years, working in various corporations, primarily in the banking sector.

I really enjoy reading; it's like travelling to different worlds through stories. I also love to walk and travel – it's great for seeing new places and learning about myself. Lately, I've started learning the piano, which is fun and challenging. And there's nothing better than a good coffee chat with my family and friends.

But why did I start this website? Well, as someone who's naturally introverted, I wanted to create a space that acts like a diary for all the things I learn. It's a commitment to myself to maintain a consistent connection with the virtual world. This website is my way of sharing my journey, my discoveries, and my thoughts, not just as a software developer, but as a person who loves to explore, learn, and connect.

Join me in this adventure, where each page is a step towards new learning and shared experiences.



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